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Trash Dumps



Trash dumps can be very productive sites for retrieving antique bottles. The history of trash disposal is long and interesting. Ancient Egyptians had a sophisticated system for trash removal that rivaled our current system today. During the dark ages, trash disposal took a turn for the worse. Filth and trash littered the streets, and these conditions allowed rodents and vermin to breed like wildfire. As cities developed, so did the need to regulate trash disposal, and so was born the landfill.

Most old inner city trash dumps are discovered by accident when construction crews begin digging footings for a new building foundation. Archeologists like to claim these 100+ year old trash dumps as 'historical' sites, effectively removing the site from public access. The dedicated bottle digger is constantly on the look out for redevelopment construction in the downtown area.

Due to the industrial history of Los Angeles, many old trash dumps can be very toxic. Be sure to check that any new site you discover is not listed a 'brownfield' toxic waste site. See link in our research section for the EPA.

The California desert is literality covered with small trash dumps. These dumps are always found were there were people living. Trash dumps can be found at old town sites, mill sites, mines, farms, ranches and homesteads.

Please respect our desert and back fill your holes. Remember: the desert can be a dangerous place, bring lots of water, and never over exert yourself in the desert sun.

Happy Digging!



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