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Mine Dump Sites


The Golden State of California has a rich mining history. Many old mines can be found a short distance from any city in the state. Los Angeles is no exception. The hills, deserts and mountains around our city are fairly covered with old mine workings. Miners, like all humans, produced an abundance of trash. Disposal of this trash presented no problem for the miners, more often than not, they used convenient gully to dump their cans and bottles into. Mostly these dumps were located 'down and out', down wind and out of site! Lots of old bottles and artifacts have been found at old mine dump sites. If you decide to do further research and locate mine sites as possible locations to dig, remember to always get permission to dig. Also remember that most public lands are protected from damage or destruction by state or federal laws. Please respect our park systems and always follow the applicable laws where ever you dig.

Also, please provide a report and pictures on any visited site for our archives.


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